Guangzhou ASL Electric ScienceTechnology Co., Ltd.was established in 2005, is located in the center of Southern China city - Guangdong, Guangzhou. Is a smart controller, inverter controller, new energy automotive controller and other energy-saving environmental protection products R & D, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech professional manufacturers. The company specializes in R & D and investment in frequency conversion, especially DC converter technology, and has a group of high-tech talents with rich experience and exquisite skills in energy-saving appliances, intelligent equipment and new energy vehicles.

        Intelligent controller: the products mainly include swimming pool equipment controller, heat pump water heater controller, solar heat pump water heater controller, central (commercial) air conditioner controller and household air conditioner controller;

        Variable frequency controller: the main products are direct frequency thermal cycle hot water machine series controller, water air source air conditioning controller, DC inverter fan drive controller, controller, and other small household electrical appliances intelligent inverter control products, stable performance, reliable quality products. With high efficiency, high power factor, high reliability and so on.

        On-board controller: new energy refrigerated vehicle DC frequency conversion controller, new energy electric vehicle air conditioner controller.

The company's products meet the requirements of CE, UL, compatible with 3C, RoHS and other security certification and electromagnetic, many general quality products we not only have their own R & D, more customers can be tailored to a variety of high quality and inexpensive products, for customers to win more profit space.

        Companies adhering to the "quality is life, take the technology as the forerunner, continuously improve customer satisfaction" business principles, R & D team can according to customer demand, the development of reliable quality, advanced technology products, and provide quality and efficient service!

        The company has repeatedly been named as "excellent supplier" and "quality stable supplier" by our customers";

        The use of clean energy, energy-saving emission reduction, in order to "green earth" for the benefit of mankind, "Ao Lan Electronics" is willing to work with you to join hands in creating a better future of energy-saving industries.